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EDNA PEREIRA (she/her)

MA Counselling Psychology
Registered Psychotherapist
About Mind Co-founder

I am currently accepting new clients.

I offer both in-person and virtual sessions.

  • I have had a passion for supporting others within their own personal wellness journey for a very long time. This passion began in 1994 when I had a physical issue that remained undiagnosed, and grew dangerously close to threatening my life. The numerous times that I reached out for help, I was told that I was fine. I knew that I wasn't. It took the issue to become critical before I was taken seriously. Ten years later, I had a far too similar experience, significantly reducing my overall health. Further, my experiences were so unique they were exceptionally difficult to diagnose. Today, I manage 3 diagnosed chronic illnesses on a daily basis. I knew from these experiences that I will enter the health and wellness industry understanding that we don't all fit into the same "box", and I will hear what you are saying!


    My years of dedication within the health and fitness industry propelled me to become a life coach in 2009. As my business grew, I knew that I wanted to provide more strategies, approaches, and tools to my clients, in order to effectively support your holistic wellbeing. And so I went back to school to obtain my MA in Counselling Psychology.

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