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When Summertime Sadness is Your Reality

It has been very, very hot out lately. And, while we have come out from what seemed like the longest winter, some of us may feel pressure to enjoy every moment in summer: hosting barbecues, meeting with family and friends, or planning vacations.

Sometimes, however, our moods may not match the ideals of summer fun. And when it doesn't, we may start to question our own mental wellness, feel worse about our lifestyle, and may become disappointed in our selves. You are not alone. For some, summertime sadness, or low moods during summer is a real thing.

Expectations of a great time, body-image, an aversion to the outdoors, envy of others, a possible shortage of funds, and too much family-time can contribute to low moods. Here are a few things that you can do:

1. Take some time for yourself. Even if we are aware of self-care during the year, we sometimes forget ourselves when kids are off from school, and vacations are booked. This is the time when you may need some me-time the most. Schedule it in, and schedule something that you like, not necessarily something that you feel you have to do because it's summer.

2. Meditate. Your kids are extra energetic, your home is constantly filled with people, and the energy is high. All. The. Time. Meditating will help bring your body, and your mind back to the calm, and balanced state that will get you through the hectic times.

3. Hydrate! Dehydration can lead to low moods and many other physiological complications and problems.

4. Be easy on yourself. Define what summer is, or will be for you this year. You be you.

5. If you do not like the outdoors, find something about summer that you do enjoy. Do you enjoy the produce available at the farmer's market? Or do you enjoy seeing more of family during summer breaks? Whatever it is for you, incorporate the parts of summer that you like into your world.

6. Be creative. Vacations, parks, and get-togethers can be costly. But there are many ways to enjoy summer that do not cost much. Splash pads, picnics, walking the city, and long bike ride adventures can fill up your days, keep you outdoors, and keep the kids busy!

7. If you feel that summertime sadness is affecting you and you want to talk to someone, reach out. There are many professionals ready to hear you.

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