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When is it time to see a therapist?

You may hear may different responses to this question, which does not make it any easer. Some people you ask will say that you should go see a therapist when you can't handle it on your own. Other's will say before there really is an issue. So when, then, is it time to see a therapist? Read on to hear what we think..

You're feeling something is off. Maybe your'e worried that an upcoming event is throwing you off balance. Or, maybe you've tried several times before to get help to no avail. In all of these instances, there is one common theme: people are telling you to go to therapy.

Should you go? Well, that all depends. We feel the time to see a therapist is when you are ready to see a therapist. This is the greatest determining factor for having therapeutic success; and when you are open and ready for exploration and change, run (to the therapist) with it!

So what does that mean, exactly? Here are a few reasons that people enter therapy that may help determine whether the time is right now. But remember that only you will know whether the time is right.

1. You are feeling like things could be "better" than they are and you are beginning to explore what that "better" means.

2. You know something is off, and you cannot figure it out on your own.

3. You want a professional, nonjudgmental sounding board.

4. You want to be heard.

5. You want to explore a different perspective.

6. You feel that no one understands you, and you want to be better understood.

7. You want to talk to someone.

But remember that only you will know whether the time is right. Here are some things that happens when you are ready:

1. You create a significant connection with your therapist.

2. You are motivated to find solutions that work with your world.

3. You want your therapist to give you homework, and you complete it.

4. You gain new perspectives and new ways of looking at your environment, and yourself.

5. You move faster towards your therapeutic goals.

6. You synthesize your in-session learnings with your world.

7. You move towards life gains and overall therapeutic success.

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