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10 ways to destress after a long work week

It's Friday and you are wiped. It has been a long week, and your head is feeling like it weighs ten times more than it should. You want to crash, but you don't want to waste a second of the precious two days off. So what do you do?

Decompressing from a long work week is essential to get the most of your time off. Work hard, play hard, right? So what do you do when work hard sometimes gets in the way of playing hard? Here are a few ideas:

1. Listen to some great songs. Do you have any tunes that you rely on to get the party started? This may help you get relaxed and decompressed.

2. Go for a walk. Most times, pre-walk, it just doesn't feel like this will help any situation. But getting outside and being a little active has a great impact on your overall mood. The activity will force your body to breathe more deeply, filling up on the necessary oxygen your brain and body needs while you step into the weekend.

3. Talk to someone. Vent out your work-week stresses so that you can get the time from the weekend to fill up on what makes you feel good.

4. Play your favourite game app. Having something somewhat intense such as a game may distract you from the intensity of your work week. and this may be just the right medicine to bring you into the weekend.

5. Go get something to eat. When our blood sugars plummet we do not have the patience nor the energy to tackle anything big, or small. Fuel your body well, to be able to let go of the work-week stresses.

6. Change out of your work clothes, and into your favourite sweats and hoodie. Symbolically, this will help you to understand that it is "play time".

7. Leave your work at work, as much as your work will allow for it. Dragging a heavy brief case home is not the best way to tell yourself that you have time to decompress. There will always be enough work waiting for you on Monday morning. Do you work from home? Close your office door and/or laptop until Monday. And stay tuned for our entrepreneur special coming your way..

8. Snuggle with your pet. The little guy doesn't miss a beat to bark upon your return. And kitty has been alone all day. If your heart has a soft spot for pets, they work wonders on your mood and overall wellbeing when you let them!

9. Leave the running errands to tomorrow, when you will be more motivated to do them.

10. Plan a get-away. Once in a while, find a place to go. No dishes, no yard work, no chores of any kind. Just you.

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